A downloadable Gacha Trek for Windows and Android

Gacha Trek - a Star Trek based mod

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• Android Version 1.1.0 (64bit only) Download Now!

• Android Version 1.2.0 (64bit only) Download Now!

• PC Version: Version 1.1.0 Skipped version!

• PC Version: Version 1.2.0 Download now!

• Creator's Instagram: @jaragamer

Updated 1 day ago
PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
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Install instructions

1- Download the Google Drive file 

2- Click the file on the downloads folder

3- Install and have fun!



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Is the 32bit update released?

Sorry, this version will not be released :(


please, for PC

Add 32 bits pls

Yo no se

Guys Sorry for the delay in the mod developing, right now i'm at college and lately i'm having only a little time to develop the mod... So i'm starting a collab with my friend Ray to see If it's possible to finish this job. Thank you all for the support ❤️❤️❤️

انا علي الاندرويد لكن لم تعمل معي هل يمكن تحميله علي الهاتف لاني لا أستطيع أن احملة

سأرى ما إذا كان بإمكاني حل هذا 😊

it looks cool i'm on pc so i want to play it but its in its tests phase😊

estem si va a ver version para pc? solo dime si si o no esque llevo casi un mes viedo esta pagina y namas no sale la version de pc y usar blueStacks me pone lenta la laptop y me metio un virus y pss por eso sigo esperando

espero que salga pronto ^^ gracias por leer<3

*se va epicamente xd*


I know I keep asking this but is the 32bit version going to be out soon?

I tried getting it but it wont work 😑

You have to delete gacha club to install It lol

oh ok


Me:*looking for a gacha mod that works for my PC*

*finds this mod*

Me: Hey this looks cool-

"The PC version isn't out yet"

Me: FU-

It goes perfectly in BlueStacks... Maybe It's Ana option while the Pc version is not ready 😅

I'd try Bluestacks if it didn't run at 2fps and make my laptop lag whenever it's installed.

Is this only for android cus im on windows.

while the Pc version ia not released you can use BlueStacks 😁


Idk why this popped up Ive downloaed many gacha mods in the past.  

(1 edit)

Go to the settings and select download options and allow Google downloads maybe It can work 😉

Enable install from unknown resources

Im curious will this ever be able to have a 32 bit port

They said thats going to be one of the next updates :D

Yess It Will have 

Cool will I have to delete Any mods for it to work as intended

Im also wondering that

no, you only need to delete gacha club

I can not wait for a windows version! I've been keeping a eye on this mod for  a while! I dont enjoy gacha on my phone so i cant wait!


When is the 32bit update?

No rush 😁😁😁

idk lol i'm still working on it

ok thank you :)

you should make a windows version

(1 edit) (+1)

Yup i'm having a little trouble bit It Will be ready soon 😁


Can you make a 32bit

I'm working in It right now 👍👍

thank you :)

Does it work on samsung androids?

Yess 😉

I for some reason can't install this on my phone

is your phone apple

gacha trek is for androids!


and as for when you will not have it ready

pc plis

Yup, i'm working in It right now 😉

Eu espero muito que tenha a versão para o Windows em breve ^w^


Vai ter sim 😄😄 estou trabalhando nela agora inclusive kkkk

yo use blokstas o como sea que se escriba y ami lap le entro un virus y lo desintale

Could You Do A Pc One Too/ WIndows One? This IS Amazing But Sadly I Cant try it as i am on a laptop.

True...because it hurt people having fun...first of all,I only have my windows 10 and my phone is only for study...even she checks it every week....

I'm trying to create one as soon as possible :')


maybe you can use bluestacks... thet's how i make my GCMMs

nose puede version para pc plissssss

Deleted 147 days ago
Deleted 147 days ago
Deleted 147 days ago
Deleted 147 days ago
Deleted 147 days ago
Deleted 147 days ago

Can You Make 32 Bit

I'll try soon :)

Can you make a PC vearsion?

I'll try soon ;)


porfa saca tu version de mob para pc porfaaaaaaaaa 

esque quiero probarlo se ve interesante

si, pronto voy a crear uno (no puedo hablar español correctamente lol)

ok no problem and thank you, I don't speak English well either

a and thank you for your response




thank you

I'm on Samsung so Will this get rid of my data on my gacha club?

maybe... I tested the mod many times and it didn't deleted but some users said that it deleted... so i'm not sure lol :')

oh okay 

Can u give a different link please? I really wanna try your cool mod! Please I been trying to download it for a very long time it looks so good!!! For Android

Deleted 147 days ago
Deleted 147 days ago

I'm trying to improve in this programming area... creating mods is hard ;-;

Deleted 148 days ago


try this link (its the drive folder with both versions)


Deleted 86 days ago


Deleted 86 days ago

Pls testing ??

I learned how to create mods with this same tutorial lol

Tem cenários novos?

sim tem vários sksksk

e e e e e e  e e e  e e e e e e e e e e

I am trying to get it on my phone but it does not work so my dad will help

maybe it's the hardware (32bit) my mod is only for 64bit for now


Omg how cute <3


I love it


Thxx ❤❤❤

I cant install this mod im Counfeused :/

Maybe its the hardware (mod is only for 64bit now)

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